Chiropractic Testimonials


TREATMENTS TRIED BEFORE CHIROPRACTIC: Physical Therapy - Eply's Maneuver worked temporarily but the vertigo always came back.

CHANGES IN HEALTH SINCE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: After the very first adjustment, my vertigo was gone and has not returned. My x-rays revealed some other issues that could not be seen on the outside, but made such a difference on what was happening on the inside. My neck had very little curve and my spine was showing signs of scoliosis. At Lerner Family Chiropractic, they are getting me back to health and I am making great improvements. Down to one visit a week!

- Ronda

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Daily headaches and sinus pressure.

TREATMENTS TRIED BEFORE CHIROPRACTIC: None, would just take Ibuprofen and / or Sudafed almost daily to be able to get through the day.

CHANGES IN HEALTH SINCE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: Feel great! No more daily headaches and also significant improvement of the sinus pressure. I no longer rely on Ibuprofen / Sudafed to function.

- Sofia

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Lower back pain. Left side of neck constant tightness and diminished turn radius of head. Anxiety and fatigue frequently.


CHANGES IN HEALTH SINCE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: Turning my head further to the right and left greatly improved. Colds and flu symptoms are almost gone. Fatigue is apparent only when I was over do. Lower back pain is gone! Left side tightness gone. I really feel stronger in my body and mind, since I started with Lerner Family Chiropractic. Also, a calm has come over me that I've not had for decades. Thank you.

- Ahna

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Hurt back, sick all the time, depressed.


CHANGES IN HEALTH SINCE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: No more back pain, haven't been sick in over a year, saying a lot as I was always sick. My life has changed, my power coming back! Good to be a part of Lerner Health Club family.

- Gregory

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Back spasms, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, stomach issues, arthritis.


CHANGES IN HEALTH SINCE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: I have lost over 20 pounds in the last three months, under the guidance of Dr. Rich. I had an MRI recently and found that not only do I not have fatty liver disease, my liver and all my organs look very healthy. I no longer have stomach pain or back spasms. I only take pain relief as needed - I was popping Ibuprofen 3-4 times a day! Still working on the weight loss but it is improving every ailment I have. I feel so much better since I've been coming here!

- LeeAnn

"Before coming to Lerner Family Chiropractic, I was very sick every week. I work at a school and I was always tired and every day was a painful experience. I tried over the counter medications, prescription medications, surgery and even antibiotic which led to some very scary side effects.

I was missing work a lot and I wanted to stay home and sleep all the time. Chiropractic care has been an amazing rescue! Dr. Rich and Dr. Alicia changed my life and my lifestyle. Now we eat good food and my immune system is very strong due to my adjustments, and I barely get sick!"

- Ana

"I came into the office with a misaligned spine, most likely started during my pregnancy. After giving birth, I was left with a slight back discomfort. Since starting chiropractic care, I have learned how to take care of my body by changing what I eat and the way I think. I have learned that it’s not about how I feel but how my body is functioning.

Dr. Rich is very knowledgeable and backs up his statements with real and truthful research. I trust his insights and opinions. I want to thank him for telling me the truth!!!"

- Andrea

"I had upper back and shoulder pain with poor posture which had progressed over the years. This would get worse when running. The only thing that would help would be pain medicine. When I would try to run, I would get a shooting pain down my arm!

Chiropractic care has changed my life because I have no further pain and even improved posture! The team is very friendly and nice. They are genuinely interested and concerned with the patients’ lives, and their health."

- Carrie

"I suffered from back pain in pregnancy and preeclampsia (high blood pressure). This led to me trying Tylenol and having to have an early induction of labor with my first baby. My first pregnancy was relatively fine until 36 weeks when my blood pressure went up. I was induced at 37.5 weeks by my OB. I had already started chiropractic when I got pregnant again and through things I learned at the clinic, decided to have a home birth.

I had NO back pain during my second pregnancy. I fell once and getting adjusted immediately relieved the pressure I felt in my pelvis. My blood pressure stayed normal the entire pregnancy and I gained 10 lbs less than my first pregnancy! Then I had a quick and smooth delivery at home on July 30th, 2009. Darcy was first adjusted the first time before she was 24 hours old. Chiropractic Care proved so wonderful during the special time of carrying a child!"

- Casey

“We thought dad was close to death. He would spend 22 hours a day in bed. The most activity was walking across the hall to the bathroom. Taking a shower would wipe him out till the next day. He couldn’t remember things and would answer questions with just one word.

Before chiropractic care, we tried half a dozen doctors, each with their own specialties and each unable to remedy my father’s health situation. After more than a dozen medications, all they could offer was “well, he is 84 years old”.

God has greatly used the Lerners to revitalize my dad’s body and mind. He now has the energy to enjoy getting out of the house, interacting with people and waking around the block. He doesn’t take any heart meds anymore. He has become an active participant when we watch Jeopardy! We are once again enjoying his sense of humor. Even the grandchildren appreciate this miraculous change! We encourage ANYONE seeking a better quality of life to start getting educated and adjusted by the Lerners!"

- Charles (As told by his daughter)

"I was suffering from incapacitating lower back pain- unable to walk up and down steps or walk normal distances. I was also struggling with depression. I was on daily medications- and lots of them!

Chiropractic care has given me a chance to walk freely up and down steps, shop for long periods of time (YAY) without any pain. I sleep through the night and wake up pain free. I feel full of energy and participate in activities I was unable to before. I am med free for depression (going on 4-5 months now!) I added vitamins and cut out wheat. I am losing the extra pounds.

Most of all, I am gaining hope that I will become stable in mind, body and spirit- that it is not just a dream, but a growing reality in my life. I have longed for this my whole adult life!"

- Diane

"Dr. Rich has been simply wonderful, attentive and caring. I feel so much better with the care and adjustments and even feel younger. Even though we hear horror stories about chiropractors like everything else there are good and bad ones but in the case of the Lerner's, Dr. Rich and his wife Alicia, are exceptional. I have been freed from the constant aches and pain and I am moving about much better now! God wants us to be healthy and so does Lerner Family Chiropractic! We all need to MAXIMIZE all aspects of our living experience!"

- Ellen

"Emma was born via c-section after 24 hours of labor. After having her home for a week she became very fussy (colic)and spitting up (acid reflux) all the time: I tried everything from gripe water to baby zantac, but nothing helped.
I would end up giving Emma grip ewater, highland tablets for colic and got baby Zantac from our doctor. Nothing helped.

Since getting her adjusted I feel like I have a new baby. She is able to release her gas easily on her own without medication, is never fussy and loves being awake so she can play. I am not sure how I would have made it as a new mom if I didn’t get her adjusted."

- Emma

"I was having headaches, and low back pain which began 10 years ago but the pain had increased over the years. I tried ice packs, supplements and massages! Eventually it began to affect my work. The pain got worse after 4 hours of sitting (I work in front of the computer). I had stopped playing volleyball, bowling or doing any real type of regular exercise.

Chiropractic care with Dr. Lerner has inspired me to change from regular foods to organic, from air fresheners to aromatherapy with essential oils, regular pots and pans to ceramic/steel ones.

I take Vitamin D3 with probiotic and I have lost weight, especially in my belly!
Thank you Dr. Rich, Dr. Alicia and team!!"

- Gladys

"I’ve suffered from these unbearable and incapacitating headaches for over 30 years! I would get one really bad headache at least twice a month and it would last a couple of days. I would feel confused, extremely tired and weak for several days. I could only be in bed for those few days. Before chiropractic, I tried everything ranging from making an urgent appointment to see the doctor (to get a shot that would put me to sleep, to taking pills like Imitrex on a regular basis and also taking Tylenol (3 very strong pills which I relate to a birth defect on my oldest child).

Since starting chiropractic healthcare I have not had a headache in over 4 months now and I can enjoy chocolate- when this treat was actually a threat to my health before!!!
Thank you Dr. Lerner for giving me my life back!"

- Hilda

"I have had chronic migraines since I was about 12 years old and lots of neck and back pain. I work at a computer all day so that makes it worse. Prior to chiropractic care, I was at the point of headaches Every. Single. Day.

In the past, I used lots of over the counter pain medications and I even got a migraine prescription but it made my whole face numb so I refused to take it.

This all definitely affected my daily life. I left work or was late often for headaches. I would have to lay down in the evenings and not be able to spend time with my child.
Chiropractic has truly changed my life. For the most part, I never have a headache anymore. When I get one, it is not as severe. My children are also under care- they haven’t been sick in probably 2 years! When they have been sick in the past, it lasted a very short time.

I tell everyone I know about chiropractic- I have seen real results in both my life and my children’s. Dr. Rich always listens to my concerns and uses his adjustments to target specific trouble spots. The entire staff is friendly, personal and so loving to my kids! I am so thankful for chiropractic and the Lerner team!"

- Jen

"Before trying chiropractic care, I had high blood pressure, was borderline diabetic, overweight, lower back pain and migraine headaches. I was on 7 different prescription medications a day!

When I started at Lerner Family Chiropractic, I had a total turn around. My blood pressure went down dramatically and I was able to get off 2 medications entirely. I lost 35 lbs and diabetic risk was eliminated!!! I haven’t had a migraine since I started getting the adjustments and my neck now has the proper curve. My back pain has been greatly reduces and this ALL has allowed me to have better health, more energy. I can play with my grandchildren! YES, IT WORKS!!!"

- Linda

"I used to suffer from sinus headaches, neck pain, allergies, lower back pain, knee pain, heel pain, tiredness. I would go to over the counter pain and allergy medications, but I also was doing little to no exercise.

Since being at Lerner Family Chiropractic, I have had no more sinus issues nor am I taking any more allergy medications. My back, knee and heel pain is gone. I am enjoying stress free living, increased energy, able to work out and balance a potentially hectic life as a single parent."

- Marisol

"Matthew had many ear infections and was on medicine for allergies. He had fluid in his ears constantly for over a year- sometimes it would get infected, other times the fluid was just there. He was on a steady stream of antibiotics, allergy medicine (Claritin) and nasal spray. A couple of weeks before we came to Lerner Family Chiropractic, he had an ear infection that got so bad his eardrum burst! The doctor was waiting for the infection to clear up and was going to give him tubes at his next appointment. But since his first adjustment, he’s had no fluid in his ears at all. That was almost a year ago and he has not had an infection since, AND he is off ALL his allergy medicine!"

- Matthew

"I used to have such bad lower back pain, that when bending over I would have hard time breathing. When I went to my family doctor, all he wanted to do was prescribe medicine to solve the problems. Chiropractic care means that I have no back pain at all, no matter what I do. All the techniques Dr. Rich has shown me worked perfect for me. I do not have to worry about bending over and not being able to breath. This is only after FOUR MONTHS!"

- TJ

“I had 4 bad disks in my lower back, 1 in my neck and the problems began about 33 years ago in a fall that almost broke my neck. I could not work for four months.

I could not stand or walk for more than about a minute! I tried pain meds, acupuncture, steroid injections, decompression therapy and physical therapy. Chiropractic has changed my life. It’s wonderful and keeps me working!

Lerner Family has the most comprehensive and affordable approach to improving and maintaining your health that I have ever seen. The information is unbiased and educational. They truly show the world what God means by."

- Bill

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